Fight for Sandpoint

New Beginnings

Ameiko kaijitsu


Meeting up in the warmth of the Rusty Dragon Inn owned by ameiko-kaijutsu, the party meets some new members:

  • Lirael is a mercenary from Kyonin- she heard tales of a group that needed a new fighter and a strong arm.
  • Luther Gibbs was inspired by songs of the glorious, elegant paladin of Sandpoint, and wanted to carry on the story where it was left off.

Howling Hole

Riding back out to the briars in front of Thistletop, the group peers inside the Howling Hole. They spy a bunyip, who has been pleased to make this its lair. Nex casts spider climb on herself, lowers down to the water, and calms the bunyip and convinces it to swim away. That leaves her free to pilfer the lair, sifting through countless bones of goblins and other victims in the water:

  • 100 gp
  • deep green spinel worth 100 gp
  • rusted kukri with an intact violet garnet in its hilt (worth 500 gp)
  • rotted quiver containing three +1 arrows
  • bone wand of shield with 9 charges remaining.

Bunyip by scottpurdy


After this, the group sneaks back into Thistletop. A quick arrow to a sleeping Goblin sentry takes out the best chance of alarm. Moving further into the fortress, the group comes upon a group of 6 sleeping goblins in a barracks. Nex and Lirael coup de grace them, barely making the slightest sound. After dispatching the large group, they fight 4 goblin dogs pawing at the main door, and bump into a pickle storage room.. where there are 2 goblin commandos playing cards.

Throne Room

Silas casts web, locking everyone in place. ripnugget is trapped- calls out for nualia and bruthazmus.


party tearing goblins to shreds. Nex- doing mad damage

acid dart from Silas

dat luther pinning a goblin to a column with two fast arrows to the head

ripnugget finally escapes the webs with stickfoot, and climbs up on the roof. nex aims for stickfoot, and uses her sling to nail him right between the eyes. ripnugget falls to the floor, his mighty gecko now perished.



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