Fight for Sandpoint

Further Into Thistletop

Goblins were only the tip of the iceberg


As the party descends into the heart of Thistletop, they come upon an ornate doorway. The elaborate designs on the thick doors are dripping with evil, and it’s very clear that this leads to an evil shrine to the Goddess of monsters, Lamashthu.

Temple of Lamashthu

Upon arriving, there is a long table covered with ashes- the party later discovers this to be the remains of Father Tobyn, Nualia’s adoptive father. Looming from the darkness behind, a huge statue of Lamashthu glowers, wielding two kukris in each hand. Out of the corners spring two dire Yeth Hounds, sent as a gift from Nualia’s patron. One goes for Silas, and bites hard. The second hound bays loudly in front of Sie Deen and Grim+Heidi, both of whom run away in panic. Dan’s doing tons of damage, but seems like the Yeth Hounds are shrugging off most of it.

Grim trips the yeth hound and knocks him prone. Silas takes aim with his long bow and begins firing. Sie Deen runs away from the second yeth hound’s bay, and takes a sinister bite from the other.

Grim rips out the first yeth hounds jowls. The party surrounds the last of the Yeth Hounds, and whittle it down. Dan aims and kills the last with a decisive strike through its eye.




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