Fight for Sandpoint

Bridge to Thistletop

Trapped between a hard and a wet place

No Escape

After the bridge to safety was blocked by Tangletooth the Firepelt Cougar and Gogmurt the Goblin Druid, the party quickly realized it may have bit off more than they could chew. However, with thoughts of their friends in Sandpoint formost in their minds, they refused to give up.


With sword, wizardry, bow, and fang, the group fought off the goblins guarding the walls of Thistletop- and quickly formed a line against the onrushing pair on the bridge. Gogmurt entangled the party to restrict their movement, while Silas stunned the goblins with a well placed color spray, and the battle was joined in earnest.

As blows rained down, and Gogmurt threw fire, the party became aware of the hoots of a warband of goblins. That slowly, but continually, were getting louder- and closer.

Time was running out.

As the druid pulled her scythe out of the last remaining Thistletop gate guard, the party turned to remove their last obstacles to safety. Though Tangletooth was full of health, the animal finally succumbed to the desperate attack. However, this was not without loss. The fighter collapsed on the bridge after suffering many grievous wounds. In an effort to lay the fell druid low, Silas stepped onto the rickety bridge- which set off the trap.

With a loud snap, the western ropes pulled free from their posts, and the bridge slats dangled from the eastern rope. Everyone managed to hold on or jump back to solid land- except for the fighter.

Huon Matthews bravely jumped off the cliff to save the fighter- but not before firing off an arrow, impaling Gogmurt between the eyes.

The druid and Silas crossed the bridge, climbed down to the shore, and attempted to save their party members, yet were too late. Their sacrifices shall never be forgotten.


If you sell these, a shopkeeper in Sandpoint (such as Savah Bevaniky, who own’s Savah’s Armory) will buy them back for half price (before haggling ;)


16x the following (total of 864 gp):

  • Small Leather Armor (10gp)
  • Light wooden shield (3gp)
  • Short sword (10gp)
  • Shortbow (30gp)
  • Arrows * 20 (1gp)
    Total: 10gp + 3gp + 10gp + 30gp + 1gp = 54gp

Goblin Commando



This was an awesome story, and just one of those crazy situations that I don’t think I’ll forget :) You guys are definitely 3rd level at this point as well. Well played everyone, great game.



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